Development of a continuously measuring sensor for level measurement with guided acoustic waves in different application scenarios (konGAW)

The aim of the proposed project is to develop a continuously measuring and highly accurate level measurement method for a free configuration of limit values on vessels with different filling media and filling heights. The measuring method to be developed is to be based on the use of guided acoustic waves (GAW), a special form of ultrasound.  In particular, so-called evanescent Scholte waves are to be included as a specific propagation mode of GAW. When the state at the interface changes, the effective propagation velocity of these GAW also changes; as a result, the level can be continuously detected by measuring the transit time of sound pulses, which is linearly dependent on the level. It is planned to develop a mechanical sensor configuration in the form of an immersion sensor for integration into existing vessels. The new GAW immersion sensor to be developed is to be used in particular for contaminated liquids and/or for detecting the level of liquid-liquid separating layers and, thanks to multimode analysis and AI-based signal evaluation, is also to function reliably in the event of foam formation, agitator movements or similar.