On 22.01.2019 the kick-off event for the new joint project of ISAT “MegaYachtSchaum” took place in Bremen. The project aims to coat large maritime structures with innovative materials that offer improved quality, durability and applicability compared to previous coatings. ISAT’s main task is the development of a non-destructive, robust and online-capable Structural Health Monitoring System (SHM) for the spatially resolved detection of defects in the application process, cracks and other damage caused by the novel coating. This project is being worked on together with the partners up to and including 2021.

“The know-how of our institute in the application of acoustic surface waves, as well as the experience and further development of suitable measurement methods, will make a significant contribution to this project,” says Prof. Dr. Klaus Stefan Drese, head of ISAT.

More information about the project can be found here .