Development of an innovative measuring method for the detection of damage in running ropes by acoustic waves based on magnetostrictive coupling (MaMeSe).

Brief description: Wire ropes are the most safety-relevant component in many materials handling applications. Up to now, no measurement system exists that allows complete testing during operation.

Today’s inspections by visual, magnetic inductive or imaging analysis devices are always associated with an operational failure and a considerable cost. The aim of the project, is to develop an innovative measurement principle of wire ropes by using the magnetostrictive effect for the first time. This includes the development of new sensors (EMAT), which allow continuous non-contact monitoring of passing wire rope strands and the detection of wire damage with unprecedented accuracy.

For this purpose, a magnetoacoustic measuring principle is applied, in which acoustic waves are excited on the ropes by means of magnetostrictive coupling and damage can be detected by their altered transmission behavior. The transmitting transducer is supplied with an excitation current via a power amplifier module, which is also to be newly developed and adapted to the impedance, and the voltage signal of the receiving transducer is recorded, processed and analyzed.

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