InnoTerm – Innovation terminal for companies in the former North Bavarian border region

The big picture of the 21st century draws an industry that is in its fourth revolution. Keywords such as digitization, Internet of Things, Smart Factory and Human-Machine-Interface describe which visions should come to fruition. But what does this mean for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)?  Sometimes the infrastructure in the company is not set up in such a way that all production areas are optimally digitally interlocked. Production-specific knowledge forms the basis of economic success. However, the digitalisation of process chains and the use of new sensor technology often lead to questions that lack the resources to answer.

Here the Institute for Sensor and Actuator Technology (ISAT) sees itself as a contact point. ISAT receives funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to support small and medium-sized enterprises in implementing innovative sensor technologies in their own companies and converting them into marketable applications. By means of this funding, ISAT established the innovation terminal “InnoTerm”, whose aim is to deepen research and development partnerships with SMEs in the Northern Bavarian region and to initiate new partnerships. An essential core element of the “InnoTerm” network is the technology transfer from the research institute to the companies. This technology transfer is intended to promote growth and employment in the target region. Any company located in the North Bavarian border region and fulfilling the criterion of an SME (<250 employees) can become a network partner.

Partners in the “InnoTerm” network have access to intelligent algorithms for signal evaluation and ISAT laboratory equipment. Measuring equipment, such as vibrometers, interferometers, but also mechanical processing, high-speed cameras, climate or environmental tests, are just a few examples of the many possibilities that the ISAT company can make available in the network. ISAT’s goal is to make processes smarter, conserve resources and minimize or eliminate errors in the process chain. The derived questions should help to close the gap to the conventional sensor technology available on the market.

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