Novel RFID ultrasonic sensor for early detection of damage in concrete structures with detection of all corrosion-triggering factors (moisture, potentials, pH contents) in concrete structures (RFID multisensor)

Subproject ISAT: Development of an RFID-based ultrasonic sensor with associated control and evaluation unit for the detection of the microstructure within concrete.

The overall objective of the project is the development of a new early detection system with regard to all types of damage occurring in concrete structures. A multifunctional RFID sensor is to be developed that can detect possible corrosion, changes in moisture, developing electrical potentials and, above all, changes in the microstructure and report them to a reader using RFID technology. With this system, it should be possible for the first time to carry out comprehensive and permanent monitoring of the condition of the building material (corrosion, moisture, pH content, cracks, ASR (alkali pebble reaction)) in reinforced and prestressed concrete structures such as parking garages, hydraulic structures and bridges that are at risk of corrosion, cracking and ASR without the use of wires or energy. In addition, retrofitting is an essential part of the new sensor concept. The core innovation of the subproject is the development of a low-energy ultrasonic sensor unit and electronics for low-power operation using RFID for the detection of structural changes in concrete.